Emotional Wellbeing and Educational Services 

Is your child experiencing social, emotional or mental health difficulties such as anxiety, stress, low self esteem,?

or experiencing some barriers to learning?

Cog-Ed offers flexible and bespoke solutions to support parents and children drawing on interventions that match the needs of you and your child

One to One Session

Delivered within school (if preferred) a service for children and young people ranging from 4 - 12 weeks, drawing on evidence based approaches including cognitive behavioural, solution focused therapies as well as other psychological interventions such as social, emotion and mindfulness based interventions depending on your child's needs.

Parents and Family Sessions 

​Perhaps you would like a few sessions with your child or on your own to better understand the difficulties your child is experiencing and some help to implement strategies to overcome them.  CogEd can offer one off sessions, or just a few focused sessions depending on your requirements to support change - see our Psycho-education Section.

Also offering a bespoke service using the PAGS® packages 

Workshops and Courses

It can be hard to know what to do to help.  Would you as a parent/carer like to better understand your child/teen? Or perhaps you feel your child would benefit from a more structured course to enhance their wellbeing 


Cog-Ed Psychology offers a range of courses and workshops to help parents, children and young people to develop resilience and overcome social, emotional and mental health challenges.  These can be delivered in school or local community settings, accessed remotely or via downloadable programmes.  


Workshops available for 3 hours 

Courses range from 4-6 weeks

Parentpower© programmes for literacy and wellbeing 

Visit the Learning Zone 

Educational and Dyslexia 

Educational profiling
Neurodiversity profiling
Dyslexia Diagnostic assessments
Dyslexia Screening
Identification of strengths and areas of need
Social, emotional, mental health assessment

Training and Support 
One to one and small group workshops available for children to boost:-
memory and learning
Revision and study skills
Parentpower© programme 

Structured, multisensory, cumulative programmes.
Fun interactive online programmes also available

For a checklist of signs and indicators of dyslexia click 

Interactive programme 

Cog-Ed Psychology also provides online interactive programmes and packages that children and young people find a fun and engaging way to build their skills and wellbeing.  These can be in the form part of a package delivered one to one or with the parent and child together as well as downloadable programmes.  See our section Programmes and the Learning Zone

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