Dyslexia Services

For children, parents, adults and professionals

Literacy, Dyslexia and SEN

Are you concerned that your child may have dyslexia, or other educational , behavioural or mental health difficulty.   Unmet educational needs can contribute toward emotional and behavioural difficulties. However. children with dyslexia or SEN/SEMH can thrive with the right support. 


Are you an undergraduate adult that would like help with study skills, essay writing and revision. 

Cog-Ed offers packages of educational and emotional assessments and support to enhance learning and wellbeing. 

We also have a specific programmes aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of children with dyslexia - contact us to discover more about this and the Cogs© and BOOST© programmes.

also visit www.kentandsussexdyslexia.co.uk  


Educational profiling
Neurodiversity profiling
Dyslexia Diagnostic assessments

DSA Assessments 

Mentoring and Coaching

Access arrangements 
Dyslexia Screening
Identification of strengths and areas of need
Social, emotional, mental health solutions

Training and Support

Training and support available to boost:-

Thinking skills 
Memory and learning
Revision and study skills

Coaching and Mentoring

Dyslexia wellbeing 

How to support your child with ....a series of workshops

.....in addition to our Parentpower© coaching package - contact us to find out more about this. 



Structured, multisensory, cumulative programmes.

Interactive online programmes also available

Online coaching and support 


For a checklist of signs and indicators of dyslexia click here