TA and Parent Training 


In collaboration with Kent County Council a series of 2 hour workshops for TA trainees and parents focused around supporting childrens learning and wellbeing.   Contact us for more information of these exciting workshops scheduled for September 2021    

Mighty Mindsets


Mighty Mindsets is a 5 week course for children in either key stage 2 or key stage 3 to develop a growth mindset, improve self-esteem, academic self-concept, and confidence.  Drawing from evidence based research and my own extensive research conducted over the last three years.    The sessions are delivered via Zoom.  For a full outline of the course contact me for further information. 


Books Available

Ongoing Research being conducted as part of a Doctorate in Education focusing on mental health and children with Dyslexia.

Previous research focuses on:  anxiety and worry, children's self-esteem and self-concept, dyslexia, resilience, family literacy, spelling and reading

Continuing independent research - contact me for more information or to take part

Standardisation project

Girl at School

I am fortunate to be involved in a research project standardising a new clinical measure to assist children in the future.  If you and your child are keen to take part please contact me for further information. 

Community Learning Partnership

All Hands In

Working in partnership with local Council Community Learning providing workshops and courses focusing on mental health, wellbeing and child psychology - contact me for further information of upcoming workshops.

Resilience Training for schools

Children Playing

I am currently involved in an exciting project for a National mental health company delivering training to teachers and children to build Resilience.