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About Cog-Ed 

Education - Dyslexia - Learning - Wellbeing 

Assessment - Intervention -Training Services

Educational and wellbeing solutions for professionals and parents 

Cog-Ed has developed a COGS© approach to learning along with a number of other evidence based packages.

Cog-Ed Believes everyone can achieve - everyone has potential.

We believe in maintaining a positive mind-set, working collaboratively, and always striving for successful outcomes.  

CogEd draws from a range of evidenced based approaches which are customised to meet the specific needs of each client. Take a look at the services offered and contact us to arrange an initial discussion. 

Cog-Ed Psychology and Educational Services

Services for Professionals

Training and consultancy services for schools and professionals to support children's educational and wellbeing development.

Services for Parents

Support and training for parents to help children develop positive educational experiences and emotional wellbeing. 



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